Hope all is well with your club and ready for a summer of flying. We, the Tuscarora are having our Aerorama this July 28thand 29th.  I am reaching out to other clubs with an invitation for any members to join us. 

I am putting program (agenda) together for both days and there are some open spots. If you or a pilot wishes to be on the schedule, please have them contact me.  Each scheduled member will get a framed certificate of appreciation and attendance. Also, any scheduled flyer from any other club will have a mention of your club, your events, and activities on our website ( and in our newsletter. 

We are especially looking for any novelty aircraft such as the flying lawn mowers, witch and broom, control line, and turbine etc.  We are contemplating setting up pylons for a drone race if the interest warrants it. There are helicopter stunt flyers from New Jersey tentatively scheduled for flying demonstrations. 

Obviously, there are no fees of any type in place for this event the only restriction is the flyer must be a member of the AMA. 

Please get back to me with any concerns, questions, suggestions, or scheduling.  We are anticipating having our biggest show ever.


Club President