Welcome to the MVRC (MonValley Radio Control) club website. MVRC is a chartered AMA Club #546. It presently has over one hundred members brought together with the common interest and passion to build and fly radio control model aircraft. This includes: fixed wing airplanes (nitro, gas, electric and turbines), Jets, helicopters, drones and small electric aircraft. The Westmoreland County Cedar Creek Park RC Airfield has two runways (one grass runway for large aircraft and a separate fabric runway for small electric aircraft). See detail history below. The MVRC club welcomes visitors and especially new modelers. Our friendly members are always ready to answer questions, assist with getting started with RC aircraft and offer training. Over the years the club hosted several events for youth clubs and charities like the Boy Scouts, Mel Blount School for Boys, Make A Wish Foundation, etc. The club also raises funds to support and expand the RC Airfield and all of the Westmoreland County Parks.

The following are details about the club, its history to help visualize the inception and growth of the organization from its modest beginnings to its present form. The founding members of the MVRC had begun flying powered model aircraft in the form of “control line” in the late 1940's and into the 1950's. They became friends and acquaintances pursuing this common interest and in time transitioned to the newly emerging and challenging (RC) radio control model aircraft technology.

Finding and retaining a good flying site was a problem and the club moved a few times in those first years. In 1967, club members discovered a nice field that was flat and of appropriate size. Upon making an inquiry they learned it was part of Cedar Creek Park in Westmoreland County. It had been created just three years before a County Park program which was included in a Federal Program titled, "Project 70". Key club members subsequently met with the Westmoreland County Park Commission to request permission to use the field and to provide a flying demonstration. The Park Commissioners were impressed not having seen radio-controlled aircraft before that time. A short time later the club was granted use of the field. More importantly it was learned that model aviation was a recognized recreational activity as part of "Project 70" and that the Mon-Valley Radio Control Club was the first such club in the USA to be considered under "Project 70". This original RC flying site remained in use by MVRC until 1984 when the Park Commission decided it needed the area for Sports use (baseball, football & soccer) and a new RC airfield was developed in the same park where the MVRC is presently located. The existing airfield (Westmoreland County, Cedar Creek Park, RC Airfield) located at the Timms Lane, Rostraver Township, Pennsylvania has undergone many upgrades. Although the on-site park maintenance cuts the high grass surrounding the airfield area, the club members maintain the key parts of the airfield. The club purchased lawn mowers and cuts the grass on the runway, the pit areas and parking areas. A key member, Rick Altomari, maintains the lawn mowers. Tirelessly, Rick storesthe mowers each year, changes the oil, sharpens cutting blades and performs many maintenance tasks. During the following years the club members raised money to purchased materials, constructed a wooden shed, a concrete block storage area (for the lawn mowers), and a special pilot shelter (which they built in 1989).The shelter is shared by the spectators. Below is an example of the many spectators watching models fly.













Original Pilot Shelter built 1989


Pilot shelter used also for Spectators

As time continued Westmoreland County Parks provided a temporary porta/jon restroom. The MVRC members worked very close with the County Park staff to upgrade the facilities at the airfield. A key person Mr.Greg McCloskey joined the Westmoreland County Park maintenance staff. Mr. McCloskey worked close with the MonValley RC Club to help make airfield upgrades. It started with installing water lines and water facilities, an extended gravel parking area, car stops and an extension of the airfield runway. The upgrades enhanced additional safety processes and attracted new members to the park. The club has over 200 members.

As time went on Mr. McCloskey became Director of the Westmoreland County Parks and worked together with his staff and Mr. Malcolm Sias to create a 20 year lease with the County Park and the MVRC. Mr. Sias worked close with the MVRC and was able to acquire a permanent restroom installed at the airfield. As time moved on Mr. McCloskey became Director of Public Works and maintains all county parks, roads, bridges, and buildings. Westmoreland County Parks and MonValley RC Club relationship became very strong, and the RC Club members became more involved with park actives, events and also joined the March For Parks in 2011 (An event to enjoy the park, raise money and develop park awareness for all Westmoreland County Parks). The RC Club began raising funds for the Westmoreland Parks and the RC Airfield. The MVRC club members participate and contribute yearly for park improvements.


MonValley RC Club representatives for the year 2012 March For                                                       
 Parks at Twin Lakes.


New lean-too shelter at the airfield year 2016.


 Aerial photo of the RC Airfield. Year 2019                                           


Spectator shelter and new restroom. Year 2014


            Ron Novak David Davidson Jeff Sumey


Danny Kessler Ray D’Andrea Ron Doctorick

Helicopters and large scale jets also flew at the RC Airfield during many flying events. More than a thousand spectators attended the events.


Rick Altomari and the concrete shed for lawn mower
storage and cooking events.


One of many flying events at the airfield.


 Mr. McCloskey attended many of the RC Club events (Fun Flies) and was a key speaker welcoming spectators, pilots and neighboring flying fields members both local and out of state. The Club held many flying events at the RC Airfield.


Typical flying event 2017


Flying lawn mower



Many of the club members volunteered their time and work to help make our club what it is today.



 Typical work party at the airfield


Mr. Malcolm Sais, now Director of county parks was very instrumental in acquiring new land for the county parks. Part of the new land additions was adjacent to the RC Airfield. This was extremely helpful because the RC club added a new runway parallel to the existing airfield runway. The RC club purchased and installed special fabric for the new runway for the purpose of flying small electric airplanes.


Fabric runway and New Pilot Shelter (2018).


Typical flying day. Year (2007)


The RC club continued to grow adding new members each year using the airfields. As time went by Mr. McCloskey, Director of the Westmoreland County Parks and Brandon Simpson, Parks and Recreation Director worked with the MonValley RC Club to expand the participation for the March For Parks. As the RC model airplane industry evolved electric airplanes grew in popularity and the MonValley RC club expanded the facilities to include electric planes as well as drones. MonValley RC Club members wishes to extend our thanks and gratitude to Westmoreland County Park Directors, Managers and Staff for their hard work and support. There are not enough words to describe our appreciation for the relationship that has occurred and the continued support. Because of the significant use of facilities and the upgrades that were added, which included: water, toilet, extended runway length, added parking area with car stops, electricity, an additional special fabric runway, pilot shelter and lease for the RC airfield has made the airfield one of the best flying sites in the area.